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Alcobron S.C.A.

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For more than 50 years, Alcobron SCA has been devoted to the production of all type of rivets. With distributors in the whole country, it embraces almost 75% of the market of remanufacturing of brakes and clutches.

We can produce from a small electric contact to staggered rivets of up to 9,5 mm diameter, covering most of the demand in this area. Although most of our production is exported, we are suppliers of many small and medium sized local companies.

Working towards the ISO 9000 certification, we intensified our efforts in producing quality. Our customer service and technical advicing  are always attentive to the needs of our clients. We pursue their full satisfaction and at the same time, we provide them options to reduce their costs.

Our Department of Engineering works jointly with our clients to define and to obtain the functional improvements that current markets demand.

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